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School Website Design Case Study

Having a website that wasn’t updated since 2007, Mrs. Hutchins had numerous incidents of negative feedback about her “old” website. When we spoke to her about a website redesign, she mentioned how she has been trying to get her site redesigned, she just never had time for it.

She spoke to us about how many of her clients mentioned how her “old” website almost turned them away!

School Website Before Redesign

school website design before

These same clients decided to give her a shot because of her promising google reviews, and eventually became loyal students of her school.

At one point, while talking to her, she mentioned how she was now “Showering in Money” after her website re-design.
It’s hard to say how many clients Mrs. Hutchins lost, but any lost clients because of a badly designed website is a loss that could have been easily prevented.

Once we redesigned her website, Mrs. Hutchins mentioned she herd numerous compliments of her new website design. She also had several new clients call directly through her website.

At one point, while talking to her, she mentioned how she was now “Showering in Money” after her website re-design. As much as we love Mrs. Hutchins, we know this is an over-exaggeration, but it’s honestly one of the best compliments a digital agency can have.

School Website After Redesign

school website after redesign

About the Client – Spanish Language Center

Spanish Language Center was established in 1986 by Luz H. Since Spanish was always her undesirable passion Luz decided to dedicate herself teaching others with one of the most romantic languages in the World. The passion was visible to all her students and success was on a unimaginable. Spanish Language Center provides lessons for all ages. The most important part of SLC is their Visual Aids. The way they teach students is unique and detail oriented.

“The age doesn’t matter when you in-love..with a Spanish”

-Luz H.

SEO Improvements After Redesign

seo improvements after school website redesign

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