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if you’re a small business in San Diego, and you want to increase your online presence. You’ve probably heard that content is king, and you’re ready to start cranking out blog posts, but you’re not sure where to start. Here are seven easy steps to get you on your way to a bigger online presence.

1. Build a Solid Website

Online Marketing comes in many shapes and sizes but one of the most effective methods starts with your website. Your website is basically your own home base in the online world. It is a way people can find you online, interact with your website and see if they like what they see.

People unintentionally judge by what they see first, and afterward they decide if they would want to buy. So your website should be mobile friendly and well maintained so it creates a great impression of your business.

2. Provide Great, Valuable, Content

Whether it’s through the website, any other online platform, or in person. If you’re planning on keeping your business for a long time, providing good quality service is always have to be #1. It is equally as valuable to provide high quality content on your website, and other online assets, to make people want to reach out and work with you.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

San Diego SEO allows businesses who already have an online presence (website) to become more visible on search engines in their industry and their city.

For instance, if I’m a client and I need to find the best dentist in San Diego, I go to Google and start searching for the “best dentist in San Diego”. Many website show up but, most likely I will call the fist few websites on the fist page, and will not even bother to go to the second page. Why? If I click on the website that and I get all the value I need, I will call that dentist. By “value” I mean, – a trustworthy website with great quality information and good reviews.

To sum up, SEO allow you to be on the first page of Google and get the most traffic to your website and eventually, the most business.

4. Social Media Activity on Local San Diego Groups

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest ect. You, as a business owner who wants to grow needs to use every recourse that your target market uses. Due to so many people being online, we can’t ignore it anymore. “Check in” in places, post pictures of your life. Just do it. Don’t think about it!

5. Communication with your audience

If someone replies to your post, don’t hesitate to reply back to them so everyone who will read the comment will know that you care.

6. Email marketing

Don’t forget to send your clients “Discounts”, “Coupons”, “20% off something”, news about your industry. They will remember you and you will be always in their mind. Don’t let customers forget about you. There are so many options around so if you don’t remind them they will go somewhere else. Of course, nobody wants that.

7. Customer Appreciation Party

It’s okay to give something away for free. Invite everybody, people will post pictures from your party in Social Media and that’s.- the best exposure and the greatest “Thank you” to your business.

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Roger Avila
Roger Avila

Roger is an SEO manager at JetRank

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