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When you search for a service or a product on Google, there is a high chance that you will see a listing composed of three different businesses. It will be accompanied by the enterprise’s name, location, website, address, and other contact information. This is usually called the Google 3-Pack.

You can get various advantages for any business by being part of this featured listing. From allowing your business to making your business stand out from your competition, working towards being included in the Google 3-pack is a smart business move. If you want to learn more about the Google 3-pack, you can learn more about it here. You will be able to determine the factors that rank the listings and the advantages you can get from being part of the local SEO 3-pack.

The Google 3-Pack

As a business owner, if you want to expand your business further, you will need to answer the questions “What is the Google 3-Pack, and how can it help with my business?”  To start with, a brief description is the top three listings that usually appear when you enter a search query on Google. Instead of being paid advertisements, they are companies that search engine algorithms have ranked.

If you own a business, you should know the importance of Google Maps marketing. With your place being available on Google, you can get more customers because they know that your business exists. Aside from getting clients from your local area, you can have more customers who have found your store through search engine results.

Most of the time, people use the search engine to look for anything and everything. This includes available store locations for a service or product that they would want. If you’re going to make your business more successful, you must take advantage of the featured listing.

How To Get Featured in the Google 3-Pack

Now that you know the answer to the question, what is the Google 3-pack? You might want to learn how to get your store included in it.  Here are the various steps you can take to give your company a better chance at being featured. However, you must be reminded that even if you do all of these steps, the change will not happen overnight and can take some time before they take effect.

1. Improve your website’s responsiveness.

Having a mobile-friendly website is not only crucial for search engine page results, but it is also a determining factor on whether your website can get featured in the Google 3-pack. You will need to include your website on your profile page, and you must link your company to a responsive website. This is because Google also places great weight on whether you have a mobile-friendly website or not.

To make your website more responsive, you can ensure that its user design and user experience work flawlessly on all screens. Improving your website’s technical aspects can also boost this factor. Aside from that, you can ensure that more site visitors will not bounce out of your site immediately because it will be a working and readable site.

2. Optimize and complete your Google My Business page.

When you want to get included in the top three listings, you should remember that only filled-up profiles are considered. If you keep even a single required field blank, search engine analytics will not consider your business. They only want to feature enterprises that have complete information for search engine users’ conveniences.

It would be best to work on making your Google My Business profile optimized. To do this, you have to start by completing your information. It would help if you also remembered to include only recent data. If the location of your website is not verified, you must prove it by adding your store location on Google Maps.

When you attach any photo for your business, make sure to use quality pictures with high resolution. Avoid posting blurry pics because that is a negative point against your favor. When you change any other information for your company, ensure that your Google My Business page reflects the corresponding updates.

3. Receive organic reviews for your business’ Google profile.

Reviews are essential for the bots that rank the top three listings and potential clients and customers. It is proven that individuals prefer to buy from stores that have high reviews. For local businesses, this need is more pronounced.

While you may not see your business ratings immediately in the listings, they will be shown when an interested person wants to see more details. To ensure that you can get in the top three featured businesses, you should maintain high ratings consistently. This will show the search engine algorithms that your brand can be trusted and catch people’s interest.

4. Increase your company’s social media visibility.

While social media presence may present minimal weight to search engine optimization, it is crucial if you want to be part of the Google 3-pack. This is because when your shop has high social media visibility, you can get more traffic and reviews.

Your social media accounts can also be a way to get more customers. If they get a good experience with your company, they might leave ratings for social media sites like Facebook. Events like this can help improve your reputation for potential clients and search engine bots.

5. Add more backlinks from local websites with extraordinary relevance and high authority.

You might have already known the importance of backlinks. With quality backlinks from relevant and high-authority sites, your business website can get a higher position on search engine rankings. Similarly, if local sites link to yours, it can also boost your chances of being part of the featured three.

There are localized versions for every analytics that the search engine bots have for your website. If your page receives many backlinks from other sites in the same area, it can boost your company’s reliability on a local scale. While you may get better search engine optimization results from globally recognized domains, local websites are essential in specific scenarios.

Advantages of Being Part of the Google 3-Pack

When your company becomes included in the top three listings for Google search results, you can expect your business to benefit from it. From increased business exposure to improved customer engagement, here are the various advantages your business can get from being part of the Google 3-pack.

Increase the reach of your business

Because the details of your company will be shown on the first page of the Google search results, you can expect greater exposure and reach for your business. Since most individuals check out the companies they can see first, you can see this as a benefit for your business. When users from the local area are looking for service offerings similar to yours, your store would be one of their first choices.

Allow customers to contact you

Another critical advantage of being part of the Google 3-pack is letting more customers find your store. Even if you do not aggressively promote your website and your company, you will get more customers. Because they have seen your store in the local featured listings, they will be the ones to contact you first.

You will need to complete your business information first before your company is considered in the top three listings. Because of this, your customers will also know how and when to contact your business. Since your business details are complete, prospective clients will reach out.

Improve your business’ reputation

To become part of the top three listed companies, you must maintain high customer ratings and an impressive social presence. As you work to improve both of these factors, you will naturally enhance your store’s reputation.

You would have complete and active social media accounts. You would also have high client feedback on both your social media sites and Google. Because of this, prospective clients will have a great impression of your business.

Boost the earnings of your company

With higher traffic on your company website and more prospective clients, you will see an increase in your business revenue. While not every individual who comes across your business listing will be converted to actual customers, there is still a large percentage who will be. You will also have a greater reach, which means that you can have better customer to sales conversion.

Be Part of The Local SEO 3-Pack Today

There are many benefits that your business can get when it is part of the Google 3-pack. Because of this, most companies try their best to become part of the featured listings. You will get increased customers, traffic, and sales if you own a store if you are part of the local SEO 3-pack.

You can follow the steps provided above to be included in the top listings. While you can get results by doing it yourself, you can get better ones by hiring a digital marketing agency or an SEO company. They will have the resources to help you reach that faster. They can also apply strategies so that your business remains in the top listings for a long time.

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